PunkAss Season 2

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About PunkAss Season 2

Time to grab some ASS! On top of being unique and hilariASS artwork, the PunkAss CNFT collection is a royalty-based passive rewards ecosystem where holders earn rewards in airdrops and/or tokens + more. Season 2 holders receive exclusive member benefits as well as royalty rewards through our automated rewards delivery system and dApp which is under development. 90% of all royalties get redirected back to holders! PunkAss is managed by NFT Creative, a legitimized Canadian Company, that has 6 artists, 2 video game developers, a computer engineer, and other professionals. We have also engaged in multiple strategic partnerships to help deliver high-quality NFT collections with innovative functionality.

Season 2 Roadmap:-
* Create original hand-drawn art - 4,444 in total - UNDERWAY
* Team introduction, team website launch - COMPLETE
* Season 2 website revamp - COMPLETE
* Rewards dApp development - UNDERWAY
* Dedicated Marketing campaign for Space Launch - UNDERWAY
* Dedicated Marketing campaign for Season 2 - UNDERWAY
* Special edition collaboration collection announcement
* Partnership Announcement - COMPLETE
* Award S1 PunkAss holders with one S2 PunkAss CNFT
* Fair launch mint of the remaining 3,333 S2 PunkAss CNFTs
* 5000 ADA giveaway contest - details will be announced
* Donate 2 ADA from each minting sale to prostate cancer research

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    30 March 2022 - 07:00 PM UTC
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    44 ADA
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