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About Raccoon Syndicate

Farmers vs Hunters - and 4 other Raccoon Syndicates - are at war! The battle is brewing and the 4 remaining syndicates will make themselves known in the coming weeks. Collectively, these will form the full set of 10,000 Raccoons for our holders!

Simply holding one of 10,000 Raccoon Syndicate NFTs passively earns you 'Battle Points' every Epoch (5 days). Every 10 Epochs (50 days) rewards are given to our holders based on Battle Points earned. Rewards may include Raccoon Upgrade NFTs - allowing you to earn more Battle Points in the future - or partner project NFTs!

Roughly every 10 days, we will go live on social media and video platforms to randomly select Battle Events using an on-chain Plutus Smart Contract for full transparency. These Battle Events grant bonus earning modifiers for a group of Raccoons (based on their traits), for a limited time.

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    14 August 2022 - 12:00 PM UTC
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