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Tens of billions of years ago, in a faraway spacetime, an unusual planet was born. A biodiverse planet with fire lands to ice lands, with water and Earth. And at the same time, LIFE, life was born. At first, it was only a tiny cell, but this cell soon evolved into a conscious, smart and brave organism. We call them aliens and they adapted to live even in the harshest conditions.

As time went by, they started progressively thinking that they were alone in the universe, until one day, when they received a strange frequency. As they tuned it more and more, they discovered it had pitch, rhythm, structure and most importantly, the power to bring them together. They discovered music!

The discovery had a very big impact on their lives, how they work, think and connect. It gave them culture, so they called their planet Retro, and the universe, the Retroverse.

As time passed, they encountered another frequency, something different coming from the same place in the vast Retroverse. It was an SOS stating that their planet was in danger, people were sick, some of them are starving, homeless and some even have to endure horrifying acts by their own people! That planet is called Earth and they cannot allow something like this to happen. earth offered them music and they want to give back even though humans have so little respect towards it.

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