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About Return of Karugonia

Return of Karugonia is a series of 1111 3D animated NFTS inspired by gaming & lore. Discover 10 types of animal mounts, equipped with base armour, Mecha armour or Ultra Mecha armour.

ROK is a community driven project, our community will help us build upon the current lore. There will be lore based 1:1 art airdrops to holders of our NFTs. What the community builds, we make the art for!

For countless years the Kingdom of Karugonia stood, a remote but beautiful nation nestled amongst towering, snow-capped mountains. Prosperous and happy, the people lived an idyllic life, reaping the generosity of the kind earth, and basking in the tranquil sparkle of cool streams. But this was not to last, for one day there came, from parts unknown, a horror the likes of which had never been encountered before. On beating wings of fire and blight a great Red Dragon attacked, blasting the lands with evil and destruction. Panic overtook the villages. Many of the unfortunate people were burned alive, and others died at his claws and teeth. The brave soldiers stood their ground, and remained forever as ashes. But perhaps worse than the Dragon itself, were the gibbering horde of twisted horrors that followed after, vile scavengers fighting with each other to pick the bones of the ravaged towns. Many more Karugonians died horribly to these monsters.

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