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About REWC

Royal Enigma Wine Club is a premium and next-gen NFT brand.

REWC is unique and something totally different. We think big, keep innovating & we want to show that it has a lot more possibilities to it than just profile pictures! REWC is the perfect combination of ownership, creativity & entertainment!

As you know we are more than an NFT project! REWC is more like a lifestyle!

Our goal is to make you happy, not only in the NFT space but also in everyday life! As many have already seen, our motto is "Give more than you take".

What some of you don't know is that I have a passion for fitness and guiding people in fitness. I have been doing fitness for 10 years, the last 5 years of which I have guided people in achieving their goals. I have helped several people lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle and exercise (both at a competition level, think of human physique as well as at a recreational level). People with obesity as people who just want to be more comfortable in their own skin.

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    18 June 2022 - 05:00 PM UTC
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    49 ADA
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