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About Ricky Job Portal

Ricky Job Portal, a job portal dedicated for WEB 3 Jobs for both employees and employers alike on the Cardano Block Chain. The project’s mission is to develop a job portal for all the organizations who wishes to tap into Web3 or is already utilizing Web3 to hire the best talents with specific Web3 skills.

By using Ricky Job Portal, it enables skillful individuals around the world get their desire jobs. The project’s vision is to become the best web3 job portal in the web3 era which can empower the new generation to have good work life balance both in the metaverse and in reality.

People might be curious why we use the Cardano Chain, Cardano stands out from other blockchain projects as it follows a data-driven and uses a very academic approach. Since the papers outlining the model and the plans of the network are publicly available, our engineers and developers can use it to weigh in and plan for its road ahead.

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    06 May 2022 - 12:00 PM UTC
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