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About Score Club

Scorers will be the MAIN COLLECTION of our NFTs. Football players but not real ones cause of copyrights issues.

As you know, in football there are season cards for the loyal fans of every team, so we decided to realease season cards for Score Club’s loyal members. This will be our FIRST MINT (not main collection). Every type will have its own benefits, you can check them below.

You can hold more than 1 Season Card to have more opportunities to win the monthly draw.
Holders 1 of each Season Cards (Golden,Silver,Bronze) or more, will have more benefits (will be announced after ”Scorers” Mint) and they will also be able to mint up to 8 scorers in presale

Technical Details

  • Blockchain
  • Policy ID
  • Mint Day
    09 June 2022 - 06:00 PM UTC
  • Contact Email
  • Price
    50 ADA
  • Total Assets
  • Litepaper
  • Whitepaper

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