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About ShitCoinz

What is this Crap?
Investing in crypto is a rollercoaster rite of passage — and for better or worse, we’ve all been there. Hopeful and hodling one day. Dashed, crashed and rekt the next. Our ShitCoinz drop attempts to illustrate the good, the bad and the smelly in the ever-expelling crypto-verse of digital tokenomics.

All kidding aside, these beautifully crafted Coinz should be viewed as an iconic yet ironic pop (poop?) art collection. Our creative team’s labor of love is clearly irreverent, but behind all of the laughs, there are equally many a late night spent toiling away at the digital drawing board. We hope you appreciate ShitCoinz as much as we doo. Besides, what better meme theme could an NFT collection have?

Technical Details

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    02 March 2023 - 02:00 PM UTC
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  • Price
    25 ADA
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