Skullz Afterlife: Canine Companions

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About Skullz Afterlife: Canine Companions

Coming from the bright minds behind the community driven Skullz Afterlife project. Canine Companions are taking over the scene by storm! The ultimate canine and the best companion from the Skullz universe. Come take this step with us as we venture on into the year of the Skullz! Our companions have been released into the wild for you all to seek and find a new home for. Each companion has been produced and authenticated through enhanced bio-molecular cell de-construction and data analysis.

Once lab grown, they are inherently brain dead. We then take our boney bundles of joy and inject them with specially modified ada-infused milk that has enough electrolytes to power the sun! Once our upgraded little buddies have time to grow we them set them out into the wild to seek a companion of their own.

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    21 April 2022 - 03:00 PM UTC
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