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About SnowDroidz

8,888 SnowDroidz emerging on the Cardano blockchain! Together with the OG SnowPunkz they will fight Global warming! A need to have realistic 3D CNFT.

A unique community driven Cardano NFT project. We strive to build an NFT that rewards SnowPunk holders. Our interactive NFT's are hand-drawn scalable vector graphics. Generated programmatically from over 300.000.000 combinations. This means each and every SnowPunk is a unique being living on the cardano Blockchain.

Stake your SnowDroid on the SnowPunkz dashboard. The SnowDroidz will be gamified 3D characters for the SnowPunkz play to earn game! Earn $SnowFlakes for all your in-game-purchases, or spend them on the SnowPunkz marketplace! Every set of three OG SnowPunkz you hold, qualifies to mint one random free SnowDroid CNFT! Every OG SnowPunk Holder will be added to the WL.

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    31 July 2022 - 06:00 PM UTC
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