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Interplanetary NFT Exploration
Have you been dreaming of exploring the secrets of the universe? That's not an easy task if your last name isn't Armstrong, Bezos or Musk. Thankfully, you don't need billions in the bank to discover unique planetary NFTs.

With Space Tokens, all you need is your Cardano wallet and a little bit of ADA, and you can launch your own expedition into the galaxy. Space Tokens is an NFT game built on Cardano that focuses on the joy of discovery. Now YOU can send expeditions out into the galaxy and discover totally unique NFT planets.

Space Tokens is more than a Planet NFT service, we offer our explorers rewards that they can use to perform more operations in game! #PlayToEarn Earn QUID, our in-game token, for launching planet discovery expeditions with ADA or QUID, send Biodiversity Searches out onto the surface of your planet to see what kinds of creatures are hiding down there, mine for minerals, build tools to help your exploration efforts, and more! The possibilities are endless ?

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    05 April 2022 - 04:00 PM UTC
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    20 ADA
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