Space Tokens: Wandering Worlds P2E Metaverse

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About Space Tokens: Wandering Worlds P2E Metaverse

Space Tokens: Wandering Worlds is an Interplanetary Metaverse Play to Earn game built on the Cardano network that focuses on the joy of discovery.

Discover new unique Planetary NFTs, survey the land on those planets to start earning passive income and get Land NFTs. Mine for minerals on your Land, build attractions and income-producing activities other explorers can interact with. Meet the creatures native to your planet, befriend them, and have them join you on your galactic journey.

Our in-game token $QUID is the primary currency for the Wandering Worlds game; earn it in game and swap for ADA on DEX’s or keep playing! Players earn $QUID in game through hodling planets and land, completing missions, having other explorers come to their land and do activities or topping the leaderboard for our epoch Space Races.

Technical Details

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    22 May 2022 - 05:00 PM UTC
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    150 ADA
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