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About Tentai Legacy

Tentai Legacy is a community driven brand.

A world we create together for both the physical & digital realm. Inspired by women strength. A collection of 5000 Women NFT avatars that give you membership to The Cluster. Join the celestial uprising and become part of a community willing to shape the future of Web 3.0 - let’s create together! The cluster is a hub where community, art and culture meet. A place where you act as a catalyst for change.

Our civilization went through great scientific and social changes during the 21st century. Not all shifts were achieved peacefully and global conflicts became much more common. At the same time new technological revolutions lead to breakthrough discoveries and achievements. Innovation was growing exponentially and ultimately led to new means of space traveling. For the first time ever, humans were able to explore the ends of our galaxy and most importantly transport resources back to Earth.

There was one fundamental problem with these achievements, it mostly benefited the people in control of the system. This was the main factor contributing to the division between the masses and people in power. As tensions grew, huge protests led to conflicts, which turned into an all-out war between the armies controlled by the 1% and the forces representing the 99%.

During this time of global conflicts, a women led movement propagating decentralization decided to secretly send an expedition to a space station at the edge of our galaxy. The group on board of that spacecraft was also transporting an entire library of genetic information, allowing them to start a new civilization, in case life on Earth becomes unsustainable due to very high levels of radiation.

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