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About The Armadillo Order

The Armadillo Order is an accommodating community destined on influencing, with 2850 hand drawn art for our holders, we are out to bestride Cardano #CNFT

The Armadillo Order TAO is a guild here to bestride the Cardano blockchain. TAO is a collection of five prominent Armadillo families on the quest to making decisions that will change the course of their whole existence. These five families will make up a total of 2850 unique hand drawn collection for our holders. Be a part of the Order by minting a Dillo or purchasing one from the secondary marketplaces. So much possibilities will be revealed in due course.

TAO will have 150 Taogrants and holders of this grant will be the Majors. These majors will have access to absolute benefits and be part of making decisions in the Order. The taogrant comes in gold, silver and bronze variant and holders of these different rarities will each have different exclusive benefits.

Technical Details

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    21 December 2022 - 07:00 PM UTC
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    87 ADA
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