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About The Cardano Sweet Shop

A collection of uniquely sweet NFT’s coming soon to the Cardano Blockchain, but these sweet treats aren’t just NFT’s… these are upgradable playable characters in the Cardano Sweet Shop game.

Cardano Sweet Shop NFTs are a collection of unique playable characters in the Cardano Sweet Shop game. These NFTs are minted on the Cardano blockchain, each with varying traits and rarity. These traits and rarities give each character a unique set of qualities which are upgradable through the Sweet Shop ‘Pick n Mix’ faucet.

The Cardano Sweet Shop is a turn-based battle card game. Players will battle their NFT characters against other players' Sweet Shop NFTs, choosing their NFT characters based on their strengths and weaknesses. Each battle will require both players to bid a certain amount of SWEET tokens to enter depending on the level of the battle. The winner of each battle will be rewarded all the SWEET tokens bid.

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    04 April 2022 - 04:00 PM UTC
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