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The 5000 Companions will mark the 2nd major drop in the Drillzverse. There are already 3280 whitelist spots claimed in form of Splinters given to the Horde. These are still available to buy on until 24 hours before the drop. A Companion is every Mandrillz best buddy and your little helper needed to collect more tokens or create buildings on your personal Drillz City blocks. So, the Companions are a vital part of the future development of the Drillzverse and btw they are lookin’ awesome

A meteor strikes near a zoo. The mandrill enclosure is largely destroyed. Some animals are able to flee but carry splinters of the meteor in their bodies. While fleeing under a bridge, they encounter a graffiti crew who instantly run off leaving behind clothing, jewelry, spraycans, beer and more for the Drillz to collect. The Drillz continue to flee into the urban jungle of the big city. The leader of The Mandrillz horde - Cleon - is a caring guy. His goal is to bring back the streets to the apes. He wants to transform the urban jungle into a real jungle. Building for building. Street for street. City for city.
This is the story of THE MANDRILLZ and …

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    20 September 2022 - 04:00 PM UTC
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    90 ADA
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