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About The FunGuys

The FunGals is a humorous mushroom themed CNFT project. Series 1 The FunGuys dropped in February 2022 and now it’s the turn of their female counterparts, The FunGals.

The year is 7070 and mushrooms have taken over the world and are now the dominant species (yes you read that right!). They have evolved and can now walk, talk and live in an all round fun society. These adorable little beings somehow managed to overthrow humans to become the super species of the planet and are now having a really great time. A diverse group of friends which call themselves the fun-guys (very much pun intended!) all live in the same city, New Mush City from the country of Fungland! The group of 7 friends are each different varieties of common mushrooms which are found throughout the land. Why don't you get to know the mushrooms below.......

Brad is a button mushroom, the most common mushroom throughout the land. He is highly sociable and loves hanging out with his mates. He works as a farmer, making sure that all his fellow mushrooms have enough food so they can grow big and strong.

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