The Rare Reptiles Crew

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About The Rare Reptiles Crew

Welcome to the rare reptiles crew, a dope collection of unique and quirky reptile collectibles created with over 120 special traits, hatching soon on the Cardano Blockchain.

Not only are these NFTs a unique piece of cool art, but they also act as membership access to features of the crew. Such as whitelisting for future drops, voting rights, members only merch, possible events tickets and access to metaverse features.

Don't waste any time and get well acquainted with the crew, by joining our discord community and following our twitter page via the links on this page.

Technical Details

  • Blockchain
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  • Mint Day
    09 June 2022 - 09:00 PM UTC
  • Contact Email
  • Price
    50 ADA
  • Total Assets
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