Sophisticated Seal Society

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About Sophisticated Seal Society

In an alternative reality where Seals evolved to be the dominant lifeforms, societies exist. Societies of the rich and famous, workers, politicians, cryptoheads, and of course the sophisticated.

The Seal Society is a Cardano Blockchain NFT Project. Featuring a collection of 3,333 Utility PFPs that feature unique traits based on colony. Each Seal unlocks membership and holder benefits.

I’ve always liked crypto, investing in different coins from time to time. After buying and selling Cardano for awhile I thought I’d use my Creativity to build an NFT society, a place where like minded people can share alpha and have a dope A$$ profile pic! And after some trial and error, Seal Society was born!!!!

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    06 May 2022 - 04:00 PM UTC
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    55 ADA
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