The Witches by Magicverse

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About The Witches by Magicverse

The Magicverse is the most magical project on Cardano’s Blockchain. Consisting of 2 NFT drops, The Wizards and The Wizards 3D. Witches and Elves coming soon… NFT Collection on the Cardano Blockchain. We love magic wizards & shrooms

Our Primary source for community gathering is Discord, you can join our welcoming, loyal and growing community here. The Magicverse consists of two collects and one Airdrop. The Original Wizards consist of 3,333 uniquely generated NFTS, and the second drop, The 3D Wizards consist of 2,222 NFTs.

In addition to our two NFT collections we also provided a utility airdrop called “The Spellbooks” these will grant tiered benefits to our upcoming drop, The Witches by Magicverse, coming soon…

Technical Details

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    30 October 2022 - 05:00 PM UTC
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    35 ADA
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