The Working Dead

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About The Working Dead

The Working Dead project honors the hard workers of the world. We see you working night and day, working yourselves to death...and not letting that or anything stop you from building a world that's better for you and everyone. Throw on your hat, straighten your tie, and cinch your tool belt because it's time to get to work.

We are a small group of Cardano enthusiasts here to help in the revolution of the internet with a unique and relatable PFP collection.

The Working Dead is a community of like minded individuals who are collaborating to push the boundaries of art and code. We’re building in the ether space between the physical and digital portals. As the lines blur and the new internet world emerges we will be at the forefront and we want you there with us.

Technical Details

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    04 February 2023 - 05:00 PM UTC
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    65 ADA
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