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About Thugly Ducklings

Utility-first: Instead of thinking “game-first” and deciphering how NFTs fit into the picture, we said “What utility currently exists on Cardano and how do we turn that utility into a gamified-experience?” This way, we spend more time developing a fun, rewarding ecosystem and less time bridging gaps.

PFP: We want our project to be just as rewarding for those who are simply NFT collectors. We believe in PFPs that not only stand out, but are thematic and relatable. We also aim to achieve a PFP that looks good in any random generation, but also still provides variety and uniqueness. In essence, we aim to create PFPs that personify, as a Thugly Duck.

Social-based: At the foundation of every project is its community. We intend to layer social-based elements into our ecosystem to make your experience community-centric. Sharing progress, boasting accomplishments, teaming up with others keeps a community engaged. One of the best parts of playing a game is knowing that others are playing, too.

Idle game: We intend to make a gamified experience similar to “Farmville” or other popular “clicker” games. These are games that use a simple “click and wait” functionality that enable you to progress through the game just by simply interacting with the ecosystem regularly.

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    19 August 2022 - 04:00 PM UTC
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