Trippy Goats

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About Trippy Goats

Trippy Goats are 5656 Psycadelic Goats looking to trip with everyone in the metaverse. This genesis collection will give exclusive access to the Trippyverse. The Psychedelic Goats must invade the Blockchain to find protectors to guard them. The Goats on these adventure are called "Trippy Goats". The mission is to create a community who seek the peak, while finding a peace of mind. Save the world, Lets invade the blockchain farm while Trippin!!
Trippy Goat NFTs will be your pass for the membership in the most exclusive club in the crypto space. You will enjoy privileges to attend private events on Trippyverse land in the Metaverse space (another spoiler), private parties and get to know all the others owners in Members group or in the live events. Furthermore, if you’ll be lucky enough, you will get the chance to go to the lost world Pyx and see the earth from space!

Technical Details

  • Blockchain
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  • Mint Day
    15 July 2022 - 06:00 PM UTC
  • Contact Email
  • Price
    75 ADA
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