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About Unphased

A community of post-apocalyptic waste walkers, moisturized and thriving in their lane on the Cardano blockchain.

As the sun sets on the scorched earth, we gather around the campfire to share tales of a world that once was. Our children listen in wonder as we spin yarns of lush forests and bustling cities, of markets and trade routes that spanned the globe. But those days are long gone, replaced by a harsh and unforgiving landscape ruled by marauders and scavengers. In this new world that sprouts from the ashes of the fallen centralized dynasties, survival is a daily struggle, and resources are fiercely contested.

Exhausted by the unrelenting horror, 5 clans, each with their own unique characteristics, leaders, cultures, and abilities, unite to build a paradise inside of a secret fortress.

Presenting, the UNPHASED. A community of 5555 post apocalyptic utopians, moisturized and thriving in their lanes on the Cardano blockchain.

Technical Details

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    15 March 2023 - 12:00 AM UTC
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    1 ADA
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