Very Important Dummies - Crash Tested

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About Very Important Dummies - Crash Tested

Very Important Dummies is a collection of 3500 unique crash-test dummy portraits on the Cardano Network.

The team feels apart of the Cardano community & with the arrival of smart contracts as well as a lot of development in the CNFT space recently, us Dum Dum's knew it was the perfect time to launch our club.

Besides, who can bare Eth's gas prices at the moment? Not us, not when there's a better alternative. Our ambition is to build a brand with an interactive community across a range of CNFT media, as the technology in the space develops.

This is just the beginning! Check out the site, there's lots of helpful information in the FAQ section!

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    09 April 2022 - 06:00 PM UTC
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    45 ADA
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