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About WeirdOZ

Many times the storms had taken Dee and Toto to OZ, where they had met many peculiar friends and foes. But this time was different. In the crumbling archives of the North, Dee discovered an ancient book known to neither witch nor fairy. She held in her hands the Necronomicon, and she began to lose herself in its forgotten lore. When she recited its incantations, creatures never before seen in the four lands would appear in the mirror behind her. And in the distance, shadows of unnameable terrors grew large, leaving Dee to question what was real and what was not...

WeirdOZ is a collection of 3,333 NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain. It is an art first-project—however with awesome utility planned from the get-go. WeirdOz has partnered up with other well-known and trusted projects within the Cardano community for certain traits. Some of these traits are just collab pieces with potential future utility in the works.
Some traits, when minted, collect partner’s tokens from the moment they land in collectors’ wallets. WeirdOZ will serve as the base collection for future utility development. Join our Twitter and Discord now to find out more!

Technical Details

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    29 December 2022 - 09:00 PM UTC
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  • Price
    99 ADA
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