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About Wild Dogz

10,000 unique Wild Dogz NFTs will be unleashed to own and trade on the Cardano Blockchain. Once all Wild Dogz are minted, a year-long ‘Wild Dogz Fight Club’ will commence which will see one Wild Dog character crowned top dog and leader of The Wild Dogz.

There are 32 unique Packs in the Wild Dogz universe. Each Pack contains 2 leaders vying for power: a King and a Punk. Both can be identified by their crown or mohawk accessory.

Once all Wild Dogz are minted, we will host a series of virtual head-to-head battles among the Kings and Punks to determine the Top Dog of the Wild Dogz world. Battles will take place online and the winner will be decided by the Wild Dogz community, through a voting mechanism.

Technical Details

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    28 May 2022 - 02:00 PM UTC
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    38 ADA
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