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About Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack is an NFT project on the Cardano blockchain conceived as a community of like-minded people.

Few animals on Earth have such strong emotions, developed intelligence and empathy as wolves.

How did it all start?
No one knows for sure…

There are rumors that due to the impact of a colossal asteroid, the sun lost its luster, and the moon became the only source of light on Earth. At first, everything continued to function normally, but stories about werewolves began to circulate after a few months.

The wolves evolved with the full moon, but they didn't become evil werewolves. Their goal was not malicious, and they wanted to fit into human civilization, but humans set out to hunt them down and perform experiments on them to find out how they evolved in such a short time.

Lack of sun in people has caused major psychological problems over the years, lack of food has caused war, and issues with lack of energy have also occurred. As a result, wolves began to retreat from secluded areas to urban areas and, over time, remained the main and only civilization on Earth.

Today, the world is dominated by the Wolf Pack, with the primary Alphas leading the entire civilization to progress. Now, they are becoming more and more like humans, and who knows what the future will bring us...

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    15 May 2022 - 07:00 PM UTC
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