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About Yakka - යක්ඛ

As far as the ancient folklore of Sri Lanka goes, the stories of YAKKA inspired creations are indeed inspired by mythical pieces of history that are only spoken by the elders who guard the secrets of these legends up to date.

They speak of a time where Yakka (devils) had a significant impact in the world unseen to the eye, causing havoc, fear & chaos among the communities, while some were known as protectors of the human race in times of need.

These Masks representing the folklores & devils (yakka) which carry backstories to the ancient times are valuable pieces of history that run beyond our realm and overtime have been forgotten in the hands of time only as fragments of a mystical culture. Mainly Categorised as RAKSHA, SANNI & KOLAM, the legend has it that these masks hold a significant mystical, historical and cultural value that is also known by the local communities to hold special supernatural powers that can be used for both good & evil.

These creative masks with added enhancements are now heading into the Blockchain space unleashing their mystics beyond the originating island nation of Sri Lanka, forever immortalising them in the form of NFTs, looking to find the next owner in this realm who will hold their prowess within the digital space.

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